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LVDC, Standard Location

The next generation API611 steam turbine controller is designed for small single valve/single valve rack industrial steam turbines. The cost effective configurable controller includes specifically designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect small industrial steam turbines or turboexpanders driving compressors, pumps, or industrial fans. This Peak200 model comes in a bulkhead mount, low voltage DC standard location with integrated full color display for steam turbine digital governor control with overspeed protection.

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Peak200 control capabilities include:

  • Turbine speed/load control
  • Inlet header pressure control
  • Turbine inlet/exhaust header pressure control
  • Pump flow/pressure control
  • Compressor flow/pressure control


  • Field configurable
  • Integrated graphical operator control panel
  • Simple to install, configure and operate
  • User-friendly menu format
  • Critical speed avoidance (1 speed band)
  • Manual or auto start sequence
  • Valve limiter
  • Security (program is password protected)
  • Adaptive speed/load PID dynamics
  • First-Out indication (alarms & shutdowns)
  • Peak speed indication for overspeed trip
  • Remote analog setpoints for Speed/Load & Cascade
  • Bearing temperature monitoring/alarms/trips
  • Vibration monitoring/alarms/trips
  • Real-time clock synchronization via SNTP
  • Ethernet and serial communications
  • Same form-fit-function as previous Peak150 controller
  • Bulkhead and panel mount versions available
  • Sulfur-resistant conformal coating
  • Certified for Hazardous Locations
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