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Francis Hydro, 24Vdc, Ordinary Location.

The 2301E-HT controls the speed and load of Francis hydraulic hydro turbines with one gate analog output in generator applications.

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The 2301E-HT for Francis Turbines is a standard off-the-shelf control system designed to control small Francis hydro turbines. This hydro turbine controller includes specifically designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect hydro turbines.

Field-configurable selectable start (auto/manual) / stop /unload routines
Level control (pond or tail)
Creep detection
Local/remote control
Generator breaker logic
Level switches for: speed, gate position and load
Overspeed test Logic
Speed / Droop (kW and Position) / Baseload control
Remote analog setpoints for speed, level and power
Selectable actuator outputs (4-20mA/0-200mA/0-20mA)
Dual speed inputs
Linknet HT® expansion capability
Speed / Load / Gate Switches
Brake permissive logic
Gate limit
Breaker open command
Trip and alarm
Serial port communications (RS-232 or RS422)
System Protection:
Overspeed protection logic
Bumpless transfer between control modes
Local/Remote control priority

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