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Triple Redundant Control

MicroNet TMR’s superior architecture and diagnostic coverage combine to create a system with 99.999% availability and reliability. The MicroNet TMR can be applied as a component of protection and safety systems to allow the overall system to meet IEC61508 SIL-3 compliance standards.

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Woodward’s MicroNet TMR (Triple Modular Redundant) controller is a customizable digital control platform that reliably controls and protects steam, gas turbines, and compressor trains used in system-critical applications where the chance of a safety issue or large economic loss may be possible.

Features of the MicroNet TMR include:
IEC61508 SIL-3 Certified
Cyber secure CPU
Simplex or redundant CPU configurations
VME-based (Full and Narrow Chassis)
Real-time multitasking VxWorks® operating system
Woodward’s proven graphical application programmer (GAP) software and supporting tools
Deterministic update rates as fast as 5 ms
Improved control system availability and reliability
SNTP compliant for time synchronization
Expandable with redundant realtime network available in CAT-5 or fiber optic configurations
Ethernet communications
Simplex or dual power supplies
Modular I/O
Time stamping of events to 1 ms
Hot replacement of modules for online repair
Capabilities of the MicroNet TMR include:
Speed and load control
Temperature and process control
Combustion control
Anti-surge control
System sequencing and package auxiliary control
Rigorous load rejection performance
Complex DLE fuel control algorithms
Incipient surge detection
Long-term naval programs
Alarm + shutdown communication
Operating Conditions:
Temperature (0 to 55) °C / (32 to 131) °F ambient air temperature range
Shock US MIL-STD-810C, method 516.2-1, procedure 1B
Vibration Lloyd’s ENV2 test #1
Emissions * EN61000-6-4
Immunity * EN61000-6-2
Achilles Level I Certification
Certifications * CE, UL/cUL, CSA (Class I, Division 2), LR for ENV1 & ENV2, ABS, GOST
Other International Compliance (with the use of MicroNet Safety Module) TÜV certified for SIL-3 per IEC 61508 Parts 1-7, Function Safety of Electrical / Electronic / Programmable, Electronic Safety Related Systems
MicroNet TMR Chassis —18 slot chassis
Mounting Bulkhead mounted or adaptable to 483 mm (19 inches) rack mount back panel
Control Chassis Dimensions 478 mm wide x 363 mm high x 307 mm deep (18.8 inches wide x 14.3 inches high x 12.1 inches deep)
Control Chassis Weight 25 kg (55 lb)
Power Chassis Dimensions 163 mm wide x 363 mm high x 307 mm deep (6.4 inches wide x 14.3 inches high x 12.1inches deep)
Power Chassis Weight: 7 kg (16 lb)
Power Supply Input Options (18 to 36) Vdc, (100 to 150) Vdc, (88 to 132) Vac / (47 to 63) Hz, (180 to 264) Vac / (47 to 63) Hz

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