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The IKD 1 is a smart solution to increase numbers of digital I/O’s to Woodward easYgen series controllers and related products. It is possible to connect one or more IKD 1 units to the genset controllers.​​

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  • 8 configurable discrete alarm inputs
  • 8 configurable FORM C relays with potential free contacts
  • Configurable delays for each input
  • CAN bus communication
  • The discrete inputs transfer their status via CAN bus to the control unit.
  • The control unit evaluates the status of these discrete inputs coming from the IKD 1 and depending on the configuration of the control unit, will take the appropriate action.
  • The control unit can send commands via the CAN bus to remotely control the output relays of the IKD 1.
  • The IKD 1 can be used with other manufacturer’s controllers. Consult product manual 37135 for information regarding the address assignments of the CAN bus interface.​
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