Model 712, 12V, 35°, 1.6 J (1.2 ft-lb)

Model 712 electric 12V actuator, 35° full governor travel at 1.6 J (1.2 ft-lb) for isochronous speed control systems driving diesel, gasoline, and gas engines. EPG actuators are especially suited for prime movers without a mechanical drive or hydraulic oil supply for the governor and which have low-mass, low-friction fuel linkages.

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The corrosion resistant Model 712 Electrically Power Governor (EPG) actuator is designed for precise isochronous speed control of diesel engines. Woodward actuators operate at the highest level of efficiency, reliability and responsiveness with maximum work capacity over the full governor travel.

EPG actuators are part of a complete control system consisting of three-components including:

Electronic speed control (ordered separately)
Electric Actuator
Magnetic pickup (ordered separately)

Full governor travel of 35° at 1.6 J (1.2 ft-lb) including settings for:
Over travel to ensure prime mover stops are reached
No-load to full load travel—normally 2/3 of full governor travel is recommended
Travel required to accelerate the prime mover
Travel required to decelerate or shut down prime mover
Output shaft of 0.375″-36 SAE serrated on each end
Ambient temperature range: –40 to +93 °C (–40 to +200 °F)
12 Volt Supply
10 Vdc minimum to 16 Vdc maximum
60 W maximum power consumption
Battery charger must be capable of at least 7 A when the governor is energized.

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