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The active voltage regulation concept intends to substitute a traditional voltage regulation configuration by simplifying the overall topology. The easYgen internal controller regulates generator output voltage by sending a pulse width modulation (PWM) signal to the excitation module. The excitation module controls generator excitation and therefore generator output voltage. This topology eliminates the redundant voltage and current sensing from a traditional voltage regulator and also makes a feedforward control architecture at AVR level simplifying the cascaded PID control topology. For power input, EX-10 interfaces with any of the following excitation systems: Self/Shunt Excitation, Auxiliary winding/AREP Excitation and Permanent Magnet (PMG) Excitation systems to make it a standard yet versatile solution.

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  • Current limitation – limit can be adjusted via a potentiometer (IEXC.)
  • Over-temperature protection – as the heat sink temperature crosses a threshold EX-10 output shuts-off
  • Short-circuit protection – when transient current output exceeds a threshold, the EX-10 decreases the excitation output to below 0.2A until shutdown

In conjunction with easYgen-3400/3500XT genset controls, the active voltage regulator system offers:

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Soft start functionality
  • Under frequency regulation (Volt/Hz) defined by five configurable points and activated by LogicsManager
  • Line drop compensation via AnalogManager
  • Power factor and kvar control
  • Voltage droop compensation
  • Fault Ride Through (FRT) support
  • Setpoint configuration and AVR status overview on the easYgen screen and on Woodward ToolKit Service Tool
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